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Experienced law enforcement officers and detectives are without question the most qualified people in the world to conduct criminal investigations, which is why so many criminal plots are eventually foiled and such a high-percentage of wrongdoers convicted. It is unfortunate, however, that some criminal investigations conducted by the state are one-sided. That is, the focus of law enforcement agencies can sometimes be too narrow, or even completely misguided. After all, local police departments and federal agencies are only human. They can make mistakes and are not incorruptible.

What happens if either you, someone you know and love, or, if you are a lawyer, a client of yours finds himself on the wrong end of a police mistake? Since law enforcement agencies are the best at launching criminal investigations, wrongly accused individuals are at a considerable disadvantage. Trials can boil down to one person’s version of the truth versus the government’s idea of what happened. Defense lawyers must disprove the work of seasoned police detectives without knowing for sure what actually happened.

Fortunately, defense lawyers and private citizens who are dissatisfied with the criminal investigations conducted by the government do have the option of hiring private criminal investigators who are equally or more adept at revealing the truth than federal and state law enforcement agencies. Here at Star Investigations, we employ a highly specialized team of criminal investigators; former police officers, detectives, and federal agents who can level the playing field whenever the state launches an unfair criminal investigation. We gather court-admissible evidence that can set you or someone you know free from a wrongful conviction.

Maybe you have an idea of how you or someone else ended up being wrongfully accused. You might have a strong gut feeling of what really happened, but no real proof. Our criminal investigators can follow up on your suspicions and turn your theories into facts. Rest assured that all of our clients remain 100 percent confidential.