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Intimate relationships are a cornerstone of one’s social life, and having a loving spouse can transform anyone’s life. Unfortunately, even under the best circumstances, problems can arise that sometimes lead down the sad but realistic road of infidelity. It can happen to men and women, and a wide variety of situations can cause such distress. If you are suspicious of a cheating partner, you have a right to get to the bottom of it.

At Star Investigations marital affair investigation specialists have decades of experience handling these cases and can get you the answers you deserve! When it comes to suspicions of infidelity, a discreet approach is vital to ensuring that you get unbiased evidence.

Whether it be people they work with, or mingle with in their spare time, if you or someone you know suspects their spouse is cheating, contact Star Investigations. Our expert investigators combine sound investigation techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your case is handled quickly and efficiently. We want to help you make informed decisions based on facts and not impulse or hearsay. Due to the highly personal nature of infidelity investigations, you can trust our team to keep all evidence confidential and for your eyes only. We recognize how sensitive these topics are because there is nothing more personal than matters of the heart, and we hope to gain your trust to help with any sort of investigation you need.


Hiring a private investigator can mean the difference between failure and success.  Star Investigations' agents are experienced professionals at gathering information that will be crucial in a court proceeding.  If your spouse is in the wrong, Star Investigations will find the documents, witnesses and hard evidence that prove your case.

This is certainly true in instances your former spouse claims to be ‘between jobs,’ but you know about the new car, the trips and the nice clothes.  Where’s the money coming from, where’s your support and…how do you find the answers?  We can find out if your spouse is working, where they are working and what is happening to the money that should be coming to you. 

Secret bank accounts, investments, cash deposits and even property have been uncovered during private investigations conducted in preparation for a divorce proceeding.  You may already know about the accounts that have your name attached.  What about those that don’t?  Make sure you’re not left in the dark.  Let us find what’s hidden and help protect your legal rights.


In case of a divorce or separation a child custody investigation done correctly can help make sure that the children involved stay safe. A parent, guardian or grandparent may need a child custody investigator to determine what the child's experience is like with a custody or non-custody parent.

Investigations of parents sometimes reveal chronic neglect, child abuse, unsavory relations, or parental alcoholism or drug abuse. If you need to know, we are well trained and equipped to uncover the truth as well as document the evidence that may save your child's life.